Geothermal Energy Solutions, cost effective, reliable, environmentally friendly energy
Geothermal commercial applications including heat pumps.
Operational benefits of geothermal systems. Information from the EPA and Department of Energy.
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Geothermal energy is the most efficient, cost-effective way to provide heating and air conditioning for commercial buildings, offices, multi-family and single family residential buildings year-round. The latest generation of geothermal systems requires less maintenance than a conventional HVAC system and is highly cost-effective given its ingenious and relatively simple design. This is a well-proven technology with over 30 years of active use that can provide reliable, long term heating and air-conditioning from a renewable, natural source: the heat in the ground.

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Geothermal HVAC systems efficiently transfer thermal energy from the ground up, effectively lowering the operational expenses of heating and air-conditioning by up to 70% relative to traditional (natural gas and electric) HVAC systems.

The volatility of energy commodities leaves huge unknowns in operational expenses for business owners, landlords, and families. A geothermal system reduces your exposure to these market changes and provides a stable, affordable source of sustainable climate control.

The cost of a geothermal system should be understood as a combination of installation and operational expenses. The benefits derived from dramatically lowered operational expenses when using a geothermal system far outweigh a traditional HVAC system’s only advantage: initial lower cost. When coupled with current federal tax incentives for renewable energy, the payback period for the incremental cost of a geothermal system versus the cost of conventional system can be as low as 3 years. After this period, the system serves as a source of significant operational savings over years of operation, paying out dividends every month.

Geothermal Energy Solutions can help property owners and management companies reduce operational expenses by retrofitting existing systems with geothermal systems. The scope of the retrofit in most cases will not disrupt operations, nor will it require interior remodeling. The distribution duct-work and controls, in most cases, will remain intact, thus reducing interference with ongoing operations.