Residential, multi- family, commercial or industrial – Free Solar Electric Power

The conversion of Sunlight into usable electric power greatly reduces consumption of electricity that is needed from your electrical supplier. The ability to produce own electricity compounded over years of use (expected life cycle is 25+ years for the solar panels) will produce energy savings and reduction of utility expenses. With Federal and State incentives available to subsidies the implementation of solar technologies, the payback could be as low as 4 years. Recent technology improvements had significantly reduced the price of solar electricity energy systems and their components. Optional solar systems battery-based backup power storage system can ensure reliable power reserve when the utility grid is down. With a solar electric system, your building exposure to a rising electrical rates is reduced significantly.

We can help you generate your own electricity by putting a solar electric power system in your home, office, business or public building.

Direct benefits of the Solar System Installed:

  1. Reduce your consumption of electricity from the utility.
  2. Electrical outages back-up. With optional battery backup system, you can keep important appliances and critical loads such as internet modem, garage door opener, sump pump, and furnace running during utility power outages.
  3. No moving parts.

Solar electricity generation does not involve any moving parts, substantially decreasing maintenance requirements and increasing reliability and long equipment life.

We are Design – Build Contractor for residential and commercial installations. We offer a turn-key installation.

  • Commercial-grade system components Inverters up to 500 KW … Disconnects up to 800 amps … Everything you need for your commercial project.
  • System design assistance
  • Pricing and availability: we offer competitive pricing for single family residential, multi-family residential, office and commercial projects. Choosing the right hardware … Matching system layout to blueprints … System drawings for confirmed projects.