Commercial Insulation

ThermoHelp Corporation has joined Geothermal Energy Solutions to offer energy savings solutions to facility Owners.

thermohelp copyWe offer a full range of services from design and engineering to installation of removable and hard insulation. Facility operators have realized the benefits from insulating their plant equipment with custom fitted industrial insulation. Insulated equipment leads to energy savings that otherwise are wasted.

Energy conservation from the application of our industrial insulation will significantly lower plant operating cost by saving money on energy consumption. As a result of the lower energy consumption, the greenhouse gas footprint of the plant is also reduced. The savings is so significant that in most cases, our insulation will pay for itself in less than two years.

Applications include process control, energy conservation, freeze protection, and acoustic piping and equipment.

Removable and reusable insulation allows quick access to any area of process piping and long term benefit from extended use of insulation. It is easily removed and easy reinstall.

Our experienced personnel will advise customers what type of insulation will be most beneficial for their specific use.  Removable insulation covers can be manufactured from field measurements or technological drawings.

Thermohelp Insulation Contracting Division is a well-known provider with over 15 years in the energy conservation field. Our skilled installation crews enable us to provide quality insulation services for Commercial, Industrial projects.

Thermal insulation saves industrial facilities owners money, whether the purpose of insulation is energy conservation, temperature retention, condensation control, freeze protection or burn protection for workers. Our experience gives us the knowledge to tailor the insulation product to your needs. From new construction to retrofit, our team is your qualified insulation contractor for all types of insulation projects.

Call or email us today to learn more about the services and capabilities of our custom Insulation.